ADDRESS 25 Cnr of 4th Street & Van Riebeeck Ave Delmas, Mpumalanga, 2210 P.O. Box 2603 Delmas, 2210
CONTACT e: t:   +27 13 665 5633 m: +27 71 692 1426 w:
Tshekatsho   Group   is   a   dynamic,   vibrant,   independent   company   which   has     strategically    positioned    itsself    to    offer    services    to    all    clients,    in    both    the Private   and   Public   sectors.      The   organisation   is   a   youth   owned   entity   rated   as a   Level   1   BBBEE   Contributor.      The   company   is   exceptionally   emerging   to   its objective   of   supporting   and   promoting   economic   growth   and   upliftment   of our communities through local employment. The   Tshekatsho   Group   originated   from   the   Expanded   Public   Works   Program (EPWP)    Contractor    Development    Program    offered    by    the    Department    of Public   Works,   Road   &   Transport.      We   were   drawn   into   the   program   due   to the    extensive    business    experience    and    knowledge    of    the    Construction industry.  The company has been in full operation since 2005. The   group   renders   its   services   mainly   in   the   Construction   industry,   focussing on   Civil   and   Building   disciplines   as   well   as   specialising   in   Labour   Intensive Construction     methods     towards     the     enhancement     of     Local     Economic Development in all areas of work. Projects   can   be   handled   over   a   wide   geographical   area   due   to   the   fact   that the     company     is     situated     on     the     border     between     the     Gauteng     and Mpumalanga Provinces. Tshekatsho   is   registered   with   the   CIDB   (Construction   Industry   Development Board)   in   the   Civil   Engineering   &   General   Building   classes,   as   wll   as   with   the NHBRC (National Home Builders Regulation Council). Property    Development    is    one    of    the    newest    additions    to    the    Company‚Äôs portfolio,   which   we   are   proud   to   say   has   been   a   value   added   service   to   the company and its clients.
Tshekatsho Group:  Registration Number:  2005/169160/23 Tshekatsho is a 100 % Black youth owned entity SANAS rated as a Level 1 BBBEE contributor.  The   Company   members   completed   a   successful   Contractor   Development   Program   measuring   in   Labour Intensive Construction, from the Department of Public Works, Expanded Public Works Program.

Executive Director

Mr. JT Seakgoe (Managing Director) Civil Engineering Introducton (Ekurhuleni East College) Certificate in Concrete Practice (SA Cement & Concrete Institute) NQF Level 7 in LIC Construction Management (Capricorn Training Instutute, CETA) Estimation & Project Management, NQF Level 5 (Joshua West Institute) Business Management & Financial Costing (University of Johannesburg) Small Business Development Management (University of Johannesburg, Business School) Construction Business Management (CETA)

Construction Experience: 

14 Years (Entrepreneurial and Construction Experience)